Our Story

The Cripps Family have a long and colourful history of fishing and have been fishing in the small remote village of Port Franklin since 1874. Today the Cripps Family are the 4th generation of fishermen and continue to fish the waters in and around Wilson’s Prom and Bass Straight as their ancestors did before them.

Vicki Maree Hamod, her son Hanna Hamod and sister Roslyn Holmes grew up on the jetties and boats of Port Franklin.

With such a love of fresh fish and the environment, they decided to return to their roots and bring the same local fresh taste from the ocean to the public of Victoria.

Having spent over 20 years running restaurants, hotels and food establishments, the Cripps Family Fish Farm transitioned from simply cooking fresh fish and preparing hand cut chips to opening up their own sustainable fish farm. 

The Cripps Family and their staff are passionate about taking care of our oceans and educating the public about our precious ecosystems.

They know that the days of fishing and plundering the ocean is not the way of future.

Vicki, Hanna and Roslyn are passionate about fishing and food, and can’t wait to share their passion with you and your family!

Fish is their business and has been for almost 150 years!

"We know seafood – fish has been our business for almost 150 years"

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Cripps Family Fish Farm

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